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All Natural EUCOCLEAN 3-in-1 is the SOLUTION!

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The resort room was completely sprayed with EucoClean then sealed for 24 hours. After checking the room the next day, we found all the bed bugs were dead. The pest control company was on site at the time and checked the room as well but couldn’t find any active bugs. The cleaning staff also used EucoClean as a multipurpose cleaner all throughout the resort. All the staff members were impressed with the product.

Shaun - Resort Assistant Manager

The 3-in-1 defense system, multiple uses all in one bottle

EucoClean 3-in-1 harnesses the power of, pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil to effectively eliminate bugs, knock out tough grease and grime, AND freshen and purify your air conditioning system!


Do I have Bed Bugs?

Before you start searching for the ideal bed bug exterminator, you're probably going to need to ask yourself "Do I have bed bugs?" The first thing to understand is that this is a relatively common question. This is because some people have a serious problem and they do not realize that if they do not handle this issue soon enough this problem can become an infestation.


  • Bed bugs are nesting and nocturnal parasites that generally emerge in the moments before dawn, feeding for between five and fifteen minutes before they return to their ideal and favorite hiding places. Their uncanny ability to hide deep within crevices and cracks around your home make it difficult for people to spot bed bugs, but there are ways that you can confirm an infestation or a sizeable bed bug presence.
  • Check your home regularly for blood spots, shed skin, fecal matter, and even a unique smell. Remember, these pests generally hide within fifteen feet of your bed which provides you with a decent area to start looking. And a fantastic location to use your chosen treatment for bed bugs which is most likely some outstanding bed bug spray.
  • Often times, knowing what bed bugs actually look like can be an important factor in diagnosing a presence of this house pest. You can use the Internet to find pictures of these nasty pest online so that you can compare what you see as their methods of operation and see whether they match. If you find that your home or bedroom is littered with bedbugs then you've certainly come to the right place.
  • There are a lot of signs that can help you track down bed bugs, from their dead skins to blood stains to bites. Once you have discovered those distinct indications, it's essential to find the best bed bug spray for quick and effective bed bug removal. At Eucoclean, we help you eliminate bedbugs with a striking, clean, bed bug eliminator that doesn't fill your home with dangerous chemicals.

Start fighting back against bed bugs today, with Eucoclean.