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All Natural EUCOCLEAN 3-in-1

All Natural EucoClean 3-in-1 harnesses the power of all-natural, pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil to effectively eliminate bugs, knock out tough grease and grime, AND freshen and purify your air conditioning system! You can’t do THAT with your everyday bug spray!


  • 1. Made with Pure Powerful Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 2. Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly
  • 3. No Harsh Chemicals, Pesticides, or Insecticides
  • 4. Derived Directly from Mother Nature
  • 5. Safe for Use Around Children and Pets
  • 6. Proven 100% effective in independent laboratories

The 3-in-1 defense system, multiple uses all in one bottle!


1. Naturally Eliminates Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Fleas, Lice and other insects.


2. All Natural Cleaner


3. Purifies / Freshens Air Conditioning Systems Naturally


The resort room was completely sprayed with EucoClean then shut up for 24 hours.  After checking the room the next day, we found all the bed bugs were dead.  The pest control company was on site at the time and checked the room as well but couldn’t find any active bugs. The cleaning staff also used Eucoclean as a multipurpose cleaner throughout the resort.  All staff members were impressed with the product.

Shaun - Resort Assistant Manager

This EucoClean 3in1 is Supernatural, Wow It's about time a real product that really works is on the market. No more ants under my door!

Arlene - Homeowner

I love, love, love, love, your Eucoclean 3in1 spray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't find any fault with it at all, and every person in the house loves the fragrance.  Our son is autistic and has sensory processing disorder which makes him extremely sensitive to most smells, but he doesn't mind Eucoclean 3in1!!!!!

Sophie - Homeowner

..I am so impressed with the product that I would like some more.  It is fabulous in the kitchen, bathroom (shower glass looks terrific) and laundry. 

Angela - Homeowner


Over 1 Million Bottles Sold


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