Posted By Admin Date: 20.08.15

Can Bed Bug Repellent be Effective Bed Bug Eliminator?

Are you under attack by ruthless bed bugs in your home or office and need a quick solution, but don’t want to expose yourself or your loved ones to those chemical pest control solutions? If you’ve been looking for something that will get rid of bed bugs without destroying the environment, try out Eucoclean’s range of eco-friendly products that are 100% organic and are widely available in most organic stores worldwide.

More than just a Bed Bug Spray

Although this innovative product was designed specifically treat bed bugs, related insects, it was soon discovered that this Eucoclean’s unique formula can do more than just that. Its products have proven to be surprisingly effective alternative to chemical cleaning agents like bleach and phenyl, making it a must buy for those who are allergic or sensitive to chemical-based aerosols.

Innovative Product from an Innovative Company

Eucoclean’s revolutionary products like 3-in-1 spray and 2-in-1 anti-bacterial wipes are the innovation of a wholly-owned Australian company that was founded by environmentalist Sean Borg. The brand’s multi-purpose formula is manufactured out of a delicate process that involves the use of eucalyptus oil extracts, which leaves a pleasant lingering smell and is sure to elevate your senses.

The chemical free fragrance also ensures a certain level of springiness in the air. The biggest USP or unique selling position of Eucoclean and its Bed Bug Repellent products is that users get to safeguard their homes from beds bugs while also leaving their home smelling nice, all using an economical and effective pest control solution.

100% Biodegradable Product

Eucoclean uses a trademarked formula that has unlocked the therapeutic abilities of eucalyptus oil extracts. Eucoclean’s bed bug formula can be used as a disinfectant, cleaning agent, and even an air-conditioning purifier. Eucoclean’s bed bug spray is formulated to be used on bedroom furniture, pet items, and hard surfaces like marble. Its multiple uses and composition has made Eucolcean’s 3-in-1 spray on of the most best-selling alternatives to commercial pest control solutions.


EucoClean’s range of eucalyptus oil extract-based products are fantastic if you’re looking to keep your home and work spaces free from bed bugs, while also keeping a sense of freshness in the area. Their products are free of diethyltoluamide (DEET), insecticides, and pesticides and other deadly chemicals, making them a winner among those who suffer from negative reactions or allergies when being exposed to dangerous chemicals. This is every human being on the planet.