Posted By Admin Date: 14.08.15

Eliminate Bed Bugs

If you’re fed up with traditional pest control solutions that emit poisonous chemicals into the surroundings, why not try Eucoclean’s range of non-toxic pest control solutions that will protect you and your family from merciless bed bugs. Eucoclean’s 3-in-1 eucalyptus spray is a unique and surefire method of eliminating bed bugs, which also leaves a pleasantly lingering smell that is sure to brighten up any one’s day.

Here comes the Green Revolution

Through extensive testing and customer reviews, Eucoclean’s 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 multipurpose sprays have emerged as one of the world’s fastest growing alternate pest control solutions. The company, with its modest beginnings in Sean Borg’s backyard shed, has managed to develop a range of environmentally friendly and economical products that don’t require any professional or trained help to use, slating them as the home essentials of the future.

Versatile & Eco-friendly Solution

Eucoclean’s multi-purpose anti-bacterial sprays and wipes are the best way to protect your bed, sofas, and other furniture and living areas from annoying bed bugs. Their 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 sprays can be even used as an air conditioner purifier. Eucoclean’s winning formula also doubles up as a disinfectant cleaning alternative to bleach, due its antibacterial properties.

All these uses make Eucoclean’s products the obvious choice for those looking for a way for bed bugs extermination and foul odors from their homes and surroundings.

Terrific for Your Health, Terrific for the Environment

Eucoclean’s eucalyptus based products are the only pest control solutions that have been formulated by keeping both, consumers as well as the environment’s well-being in mind. That’s because their patented formula is made up of 100% ingredients that contain no absolutely no traces of any harmful chemicals or additives. The Australian company provides users with yet effective, subtle yet fresh new way of eradicating bug infestations or preventing them from making their presence known at all.

Sensational for Allergies

Eucolcean and its products are truly revolutionary, with some even saying that they are ahead of its time. Either way, their products could change the way we used to previously address pest control, and has even provided a product that gives users a multi-purpose household tool that is non-toxic.

Awesome for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, Eucoclean’s blend of eucalyptus oil and other high-quality ingredients are scientifically known to not just leave a pleasant smell, but even have therapeutic properties. Eucoclean’s range of products includes its signature 3-in-1 anti-bacterial spray, 2-in-1 anti-bacterial wipes, scented clear sprays, as well as a graffiti removal spray. The latter note is spectacular for schools and cities!