Posted By Admin Date: 29.10.15

Eradicate Bed Bugs with Bed Bug Repellent

Bed bugs are increasing and so are the solutions available in the market to repel them. Bed bugs repellant can be found by the dozens in the market. Most of these so called bed bugs repellants are just pesticides or insecticides. They contain poisons and other harmful chemical that promises to exterminate bed bugs.

There are other ways of repelling bed bugs. Eradicating bed bugs with bed bug repellent is the best answer to this problem. Eucoclean is an anti-bacterial spray that is both eco-friendly and a bed bug repellant. Made from the goodness of eucalyptus essential oils, Eucoclean offers a hygienic way of eradicating bed bugs from your house.


Eucoclean has been developed after years of research and development using eucalyptus essential oils. It is essentially free from chemicals, DDT powder and other harmful and life threatening chemicals that are so commonly found in bed bugs repellents available in the market today.

Eucoclean on the other hand was developed to be a spray that can be used in residential places. It is bed bugs repellent that is pure and clean.

Eucalyptus Shrubs

Eucalyptus is a gene of flowers and shrubs that belongs to the myrtle family. It dominates the tree flora of Australia. It is a insecticide that is being used for treating bed bugs problem. The oil produced by this shrub is used in the manufacturing process of Eucoclean 3-in-1 anti-bacterial spray. The name Eucoclean comes from the shrub Eucalyptus.

Eucoclean is a bed bug eliminator that will not only eliminate bed bugs, but it will eradicate the infestation from its roots. Eucoclean gives instant results. After spraying the formula on an area infested with bed bugs, you will see that bed bugs will die within 30 seconds of coming into contact with it.

oil used in Eucoclean is known to be environment friendly and skin and health friendly. It can also be used as an air purifier. All you have to do is to spray the Eucoclean herbal spray into the vent of your AC. When you will switch on the AC, the spray will spread in the air purifying the atmosphere in which you are breathing. It will kill germs and bacteria in the air giving you a clean and bacteria free climate.

Eucoclean is the only solution that is 100% and environmental friendly.