Posted By Admin Date: 29.10.15

Cost Effective & Bed Bugs Treatment

Bed bugs infestations have become a common problem across the country. Most people when faced with bed bugs infestation call in the exterminators. Calling exterminators to disinfect bed bugs can be an expensive affair. Experts charge hefty fees for their services. Another point to note here is that these experts will use insecticides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that will hurt your health and environment you live in.

Do you want to have poison on the shirt you are wearing and your tooth brush!?

Harmful Chemicals

These pesticides, insecticides, and DDT powder contain chemicals that do more harm than good. Most of these chemicals and products were banned nationwide. There over usage resulted in several cases of health problems between humans and animals. These chemicals are not eco-friendly. These chemicals are damaging for the plants and the environment. Add to the fact that bed bugs have become immune to them. Bed bugs have evolved and are now resistant to these products that were so widely used at some time.

Cost Effective Solution

Instead of using chemicals and other harmful products, resort to Eucoclean 3-in-1 anti-bacterial and herbal solution. Here are some of the benefits of using Eucoclean to disinfect bed bugs:

  • Eucoclean is made from plants and contains eucalyptus pure essential oils. It is free from chemicals and poisonous drugs. It is made from plants and goes through a distillation process before being packaged.
  • Eucoclean 3-in-1 anti-bacterial spray is easy to use. There is no need for an exterminator or any kind of expert. Wherever there is infestation, just spray Eucoclean anti-bacterial solution and you will see instant results.
  • Eucoclean is a cost effective treatment for bed bugs. Because there is no need for an exterminator and his expensive range of products, Eucoclean is cost effective solution that works better than the chemical products used by professionals.
  • Eucoclean is a pure product. Because of this, it is skin and health friendly for both your family members and your pets. It is also marvelous for the environment and plants. After you have sprayed the area with Eucoclean solution, you can smell a fresh and clean atmosphere that will lift your mood and spirits.

Eucoclean has a number of merits over the conventional methods that involve artificial solutions and chemicals. Eucoclean is a cost effective bed bugs treatment that works on not only bed bugs, but also on other germs and bacteria in the atmosphere. It is all-in-one solution for all your needs. Bed bugs beware!