Posted By Admin Date: 19.09.15

Keep Your Home Hygienic with a Bed Bug Eliminator

If you’re under invasion from the menace of bed bugs, at home or in the office, its best you get rid of them immediately; any delay is only going to make a bad problem worse.

But if you’re thinking about calling in a professional pest control service, just think about the fact that you won’t be able to live there for at least 2-4 days because of the health hazard associated with chemical pest-repellents. The worst part about bed bugs is that you could suffer from an infestation, no matter how clean your living or work space might be, and is no indication of personal hygiene.

So, if you’re looking for an alternate solution that will eradicate beg bugs from your living space without harming your loved ones and destroying the environment, try out EucoClean’s revolutionary range of pest-control products that are both eco-friendly and totally organic.

Effective and Economical

Made out of 100% raw ingredients, EucoClean’s bed bug Eliminator products are considered to be as effective as their chemical-based commercial alternatives. This range of eucalyptus oil extract-based pest control solutions have propelled the company to establishing itself as a global pioneer in the industry. Use it to disinfect your sofa set, chairs and tables, beds & sheets, pet quarters, and so on. They are an economical method of getting rid of bed bugs, and are completely DIY. So, finally you have a toxin-free solution to the menace of bedbugs.

Processed Big Spray

The entire range of EucoClean bed bug removal products are manufactured with ingredients and via an eco-friendly distillation process. The company’s trademarked formula is 100% chemical-free and is brewed without the use of any pesticides, insecticides, or even DEET. Although a far cry from its humble beginnings in Sean Borg’s backyard shed, the birth and rise of EucoClean has been rapid, with the company now selling its processed products manufactured locally and distributed globally.

Versatile yet Biodegradable

EucoClean products aren’t just revolutionary bed bug exterminator, but also their innovation goes even beyond that, as their special formula can also be used as a substitute to chemical bleaches. It also works as an effective air-conditioning purifier and disinfectant. Not only are its products fantastic for your health, but they also do their bit for the environment by being 100% biodegradable and leaving no chemical residues when sprayed into the air.

Therapeutic All-rounder

EucoClean’s formula manufacturing process involves the use of eucalyptus oil extracts, which are known to have therapeutic abilities and are a big hit among those with air borne allergies and respiratory disorders. Its multiple uses and composition have made EucoClean’s bed bug elimination products one of the best-selling, chemical-free pest control solutions.

Their range of eucalyptus oil extract-based products is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their homes or offices free from bed bugs. The cream on top of the cake is that EucoClean’s chemical-free formula works as a tremendous room air-freshener, with its springy scent lingering on for hours.