Posted By Admin Date: 21.09.15

Effective Bed Bug Treatment the Way

With the changing times, bed bug infestations have become more common, and the bugs themselves have adapted to become more resistant to all those chemical-based solutions that used to work so well decades ago.

This resistance is not only a concern for home owners because it translates into more expenses in order to get rid of them, but this also means that pest control services now have to use more of those harmful chemicals than they used to before, causing major damage to human health, and the environment as well.

However, the number one reason why bed bugs can wreck so much havoc in our homes and to our lives is because just a single bed bug is said to lay at least 500 eggs in a single lifetime. What makes matters worse is the fact that these critters can survive in extreme conditions, and do not even depend on any littering to thrive and attack your living spaces.

Dealing with Infestations

While even the cleanest and most sparkling of living spaces could become hot spots for a bed bug infestation, since dirt or grim is not what attracts them, they can be found in almost any indoor and outdoor environment, and can sometimes be found in the most unsuspected areas. The psychological, physical, and financial consequences of living with bed bugs are also disturbing.

With bed bug bites causing infections, insomnia, and other forms of malice, their bites can be moderately painful as they latch on to your skin and feed on your blood. But the range of EucoClean bed bugs treatment products help you get rid of bed bugs in a non-toxic way as their eco-friendly formula contains no traces of pesticides or insecticides.

Safe and Eco-friendly

While most expensive pest control services employ the use of highly effective toxic chemicals to get rid of bed bugs, the hazardous short-term and unknown long-term effects of breathing in such chemicals cannot be ignored. And while these services are often required because they possess the license to operate complex pest control machinery, with EucoClean’s range of bed bugs solutions, you receive a safe, and cost-effective solution that you can use on your own and with no training.

So it’s no surprise that this formulation can be used to safeguard your health and that of your family.

The Next Home Essentials

EucoClean’s products are definitely a marvelous alternative to chemical-based repellents, but they serve more uses than one! When Sean Borg developed his patented in the back of a shed all those years ago, he was surprised to find out that his products could also be used as an alternative to chemical bleach. If that wasn’t enough, EucoClean’s eucalyptus-based bed bug formula even works as an air-conditioning purifier, chemical-free disinfectant, and a general purpose air-freshener.

Their modest cost, ease of use, eco-friendly nature along with therapeutic properties of the eucalyptus plant have allowed EucoClean of Australia to set a firm footing in the global pest control industry and has allowed the company to give its chemical-based pest control competition a run for their money.