Posted By Admin Date: 12.08.15

An Easy Way to Thwart the Bed Bug Presence

If you’re worried about bed bugs or a possible bed bug infestation, it’s that the idea of calling pest exterminators to your place will cross your mind. Instead of paying a large sum for professional pest control services that will probably do you more harm than good, you can now take the power of pest control into your own hands by using Eucoclean’s eucalyptus-based sprays and wipes.

Eucoclean’s range of products will not only get rid of a bed bug infestation, but will also make sure that it never happens again!

100% bed bug spray

Eucoclean’s organic eucalyptus-based anti-bacterial sprays and wipes are made up of 100% ingredients. Eucoclean, based out of Australia, is an innovation company that started off as a simple venture that operated out of a shed in Sean Borg’s backyard. Today, Eucoclean’s revolutionary bed bugs removal products are being sold all over the world and it’s fast gaining recognition for being a 100% biodegradable pest control formula that contains only food-grade colors and fragrances.

All of Eucoclean’s products are free from any harmful synthetic substances like acid, bleach and other related chemical solvents.

Green product with green design

Eucoclean’s eco-friendly philosophy even extends into its manufacturing process, which has been designed in a manner that ensures that no kind of animal byproducts are used. The company is also openly against any kind of animal testing and guarantees that the only thing its products are harmful to is bed bugs. Eucoclean’s special formula is made out of ingredients that are said to be as good as or even better than any commercial chemical-based disinfectant.

Multi-purpose product

Eucoclean’s miracle green formula has changed the way we go about taking care of bed bug infestations, and will soon be revolutionizing the very fabric of the pest control industry with its eco-friendly and non-lethal methods. If that hasn’t convinced you, not only can Eucoclean’s products can be used as bed bug eliminator, but it even has other uses as a potent air fresher, a disinfectant, or even as an air-conditioning purifier.

Their entire range of products was developed using a process that involves the use of pure eucalyptus oil extracts. This has not only left users with an economical pest control solution, but will leave their living space smelling fresh and airy. As Eucoclean’s products gain world-wide popularity, their products will eventually lead them to become a home essential.